Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Students Using Prescriptions Illicitly

When students use prescription drugs illicitly they use excuses to justify why they take these pills. Some excuses sound good but are still not valid. One reason that they use to justify taking these pills is that it helps them focus. When taking Adderall it has helped patients diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder to be able to focus and stay on topic. Another reason some students use to justify is that they can stay up longer and not feel tired in class. When students use Ritalin to stay awake along with other methods of staying up it puts there health at risk. They may be staying up and focusing more but they are not helping themselves in the long run. When they stay up and study for a test using these drugs they don’t get their best rest for the test they are studying for she they are going to do the same if not worse on the test because they will be exhausted.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that the use of prescription drugs puts students at risks in the long run. Drugs like addderall and ritalin do help students focus and that may make them believe that they are accomplishing more, but it is not healthy for your body to crash after staying up for so long. If these drugs were meant for just anyone to use then they would not be prescribed to only certain people. There has to be some danger in taking them that the doctors feel like will seriously take a toll on their health, otherwise they would be available to everyone.