Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stick to the real subjects

There are many reasons the arts and music specifically are being cut at an alarming pace in today's society. First, many argue that time wasted on music should be more wisely spent on other core academic subjects such as Mathematics and literature. Standardized tests are structured to evaluate these core subjects and the success of a school is judged accordingly. Time spent on music and other non-core subjects only distracts students from the true reason for being in school, learning to read and write. Second, music classes are expensive. The average cost of a student cello or bassoon is roughly 2000.00 dollars. Band instrument prices in general have gone through the roof. Due to this cost the schools typically provide many of these instruments for the students to play. Maintence and care of these instrunents alone can become quite costly as well. Even in choral ensemble classes the costs of uniforms and travel to and from contests and events can become very exspensive. Due to a lack of funds available to schools from the state level, these overpriced extra curricular classes are the logical place to make reductions. Once again, our funds should be spent on the "real" subjects and not be wasted on this musical nonscense.

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