Sunday, April 19, 2009

Against Coffee Shops on Campuses

Coffee shops continue to pop up all over the world. Coffee has become a big part of our lives. Many people drink at least a cup every day. Not many things can be compared to coffee. However, coffee can have negative effects on the body. Students can be particularly susceptible to the dangers, latching on to coffee to stay alert.

Caffeine, the most famous component of coffee, causes an increase in activity of dopamine, which largely accounts for both caffeine’s stimulating effects and its ability to diminish feelings of depression. Caffeine wakes the brain up, helping people get through the day. However, after it wears off, there can be a depressive effect.

Drinking too much coffee may cause health problems. It is believed that too much can raise your stress level. Some heavy drinkers shake after drinking coffee. Coffee can increase the risk of heart attack. It can raise your heart and blood pressure. Other studies show that drinking too much coffee could result in stomach problems. Furthermore, some experts believe that caffeine is addictive.

Having nearby coffee shops could contribute to dependency. If Coffee is not as readily available, perhaps people would not consume as much, therefore reducing the chance of health problems and addiction. Last but not least, not having coffee shops on campus would save students money!

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