Monday, April 20, 2009

Disadvantages of Increasing Securty Measures In Schools

Many argue that student caused school deaths are not the real problem, but that crimes outside the school are the issue. Eighty-five percent American communities recorded no juvenile homicides in 1995, and only 93.4 percent recorded one or no juvenile arrests for murder. Three times more juvenile are killed by adults, and only about 3 percent of U.S. murders consist of a juvenile murdering another juvenile. The 1996 Journal of the American Medical Association, two studies led by the Centers for Disease Control, stated that from 1992-94 that “the estimated incidence of school-associated violent death was .09 per 100,000 student-years.” This indicates that there is less than one in a million chance of suffering a school associated violent death. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, there are 3.8 murdered juveniles per 100,000– 40 times the number of juveniles murdered in school. In the 2 year period of 1992-94, 105 school-associated violent deaths were reported, of which 76 were students. Researchers estimate that less than 1 in 100 deaths among school-aged children were school related.

Jessica Updike

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