Thursday, April 23, 2009

Counterargument to Sex Education

If schools started teaching students a more comprehensive approach to sex education I believe they will begin to think that having sex is okay as long as it is protected sex. By giving students the opportunity to learn about safe precautions to take while having sex, we are giving them the impression that it is okay to have sex as long as they are being careful. Students should be taught Abstinence only while in school so that they are continually reminded that the only safe sex is no sex at all. I think it is only fair for teachers to teach students this approach because it should be up to the parents to decide when it is appropriate and the right time for their children to learn about sex and the risks that are involved. Also, with this approach students may be a little bit more hesitant about having sex because they are kind of conditioned to believe that sex is wrong. With constant media and surrounding peer influences, it is important to push the idea that abstinence is the only way to protect yourself from unplanned pregagnancies and STDs.
Let’s be honest, kids are going to make their own decisions based on their personal influences and situations anyway, so why not let them figure things out on their own, but still let them know that the only way to really protect themselves is to not have sex at all.

Megan Caruthers

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