Thursday, April 16, 2009

Journal 9

As a counter argument for my topic, school uniforms, there aren't many.  The number one fight that is used against school uniforms is that they don't allow the student to be unique or to show their creative side.  Some students say that if they are forced to wear certain clothes that they will be even more rebellious than they  were in the past.  As  a high school kid i don't think that i would have like the fact that i would have had to wear what i was told but as a high school student i would have appreciated the business like environment.  i understand the fact that kids dont want to be told what to wear no matter how old they are.  Kids want the feeling of freedom and with dress codes becoming more strict it is as if the students are being put on a shorter and shorter leash.150 This is not fair to the children that  are coming up because they are going to have to pay for the troubles that we, the earlier students, sat upon them.  The schools have been fine without strict dress codes for this long and i am still alive.  Why should they change everything if the way things are going is still working great?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Journal #8 Grades

Hey Class!

Those of you who participated in Journal #8 by posting both an initial argument for your topic and at least one substantial comment to another student's posting were awarded a check+. I was very impressed with your involvement, especially those of you who commented on several postings.

Those of you who only did one portion of the assignment, however, did not receive credit for Journal #8. Also, if you're using the screen name xsldeathx, or any other user name that does not reflect your given name, please let me know who you are!

As for Journal #9, it is due before class on Tuesday, April 21. Frank has already started us out, and I look forward to hearing from the rest of you!

~Hidi Moore