Sunday, April 19, 2009

Counter to dry campus

When hearing the idea of a dry campus many people get very upset for multiple reasons. While some people believe that alcohol is bad they also believe the idea of a dry campus is impractical and really is impossible. It is very hard for a college to keep students from drinking alcohol based on the fact that you can't watch thousands of students all the time. There is also the argument that if the government has allowed a twenty-one to drink what gives the school the right to take away the student's rights.

Some people also argue that alcohol is actually good for you so there is no reason to stop it's consumption. While alcohol is good for you in moderation, and can decrease a person's chances of getting dementia and other heart diseases most students do not drink in moderation. The last argument for a wet campus is the idea that a college can make a lot of money. As you can see there are many arguments against a dry campus but if you research each of these arguments you will find out there are many better arguments for a dry campus than for a wet.

-Jeff Prentice


  1. I understand why people disaggree with dry campuses, but in my own opinion a dry campus would be better. Students attend and pay for college for one reason, to learn their profession, by having a dry campus people can focus purely on their studies without any interuptions. Although, by having a dry campus the students will find other places to drink even if they don't have a sober driver, causing more students to drink and drive, whereas if they could drink in their dorms they could sit at home without a reason to drink and drive.

  2. I think the problem is with the campus making a big deal about it, either way. It is not the campuses business to regulate something like that, the school should focus on schooling and leave whatever the students do outside of school, outside of school. Granted they can or can't drink in their dorms, but that is their place to live, the school should treat the dorms as the students apartments and the lack of rules that the students have would teach them more responsibility.If the campus left the issue alone than the students would not make a big deal about the issue and drink when they wanted to, if they wanted to, and not cause as many problems.

  3. I do not believe that it is the schools right to regulate whether or not students are drinking. Schools should focus on keeping the students educated and stay out of their personal business, besides, if a student really wants to drink they are going to find a way to do it. I'm not promoting that students should be able to obey the law and drink alcohol. All i'm saying is that drinking on campus is going to happen regardless. Schools should deal with school matters and let the law deal with matters like underage drinking.