Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Negative Aspects of Dry Campuses

Although dry campuses are statistacly safer than their wet campus counter parts, dry campuses also have negative aspects to them. A few of these negative effects include an increase in drunk driving and binge drinking. The reason why there are more drunk driving accidents on dry campuses is because students are forced to drive home as opposed to asking for help. On dry campuses if a student is caught with alcohol they will get in trouble. This problem does not occure on wet campuses because students are able to contact campus security for a ride home. On dry campuses students are not able to contact the security because they will get in trouble. The second part about a wet campus that is better than a dry campus is the reduced binge drinking rate. The cause of this reduction is because students are able to drink where ever they want whenever they want. On dry campuses students are not able to freely drink. Because of this the students binge drink on one occasion as opposed to spreading the alcohol out over long periods of time. Dry campuses are always noted for having no flaws. When looked at, wet campuses are really safer in the aspect that there are fewer drunk driving accidents as well as fewer binge drinking accadents as well.

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