Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lack of Financial Aid

The government states that it is not their responsibility to fund a students’ college education, it is the responsibility of the family to support their child through all their schooling. If we gave financial aid to any student whose parents would not help them through college, than every family would just deny their child any financial help for college, and the government would have to give financial aid to every student. If financial aid was given to students who do not receive funding from their parents, there would be more people taking advantage of the system. Financial aid would be a lot easier to find loop holes to receive it also. Since there would be more people receiving financial aid, there would be less money to go around, therefore everyone would receive less money for college. The family’s that truly can’t afford college would not receive as much help as they are receiving now, and some low income family’s might have to give up the dream of college because of the lack of financial aid available for them.

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