Tuesday, April 21, 2009

abstinence only sex ed

Abstinence only sex education promotes one way to prevent pregnancy and STD’s. Collins states that abstinence only sex education programs do not acknowledge the students who do become sexually active before marriage. They do not teach about contraception use. These programs cite STD’s and HIV as reason to remain abstinent, and finally they avoid discussion about abortion (4). Abstinence only programs try to scare kids enough to stay abstinent. The people who promote abstinence only education argues that teaching comprehensive sex education will give mixed messages to young people (Taverner 3). They also believe that pre-marital sex is immoral and that young people need to be guided strongly against sex before marriage (Taverner 3). Abstinence only educators also discredit the effectiveness of condoms (Taverner 3). They do not teach the kids how to use or how efective and safe condoms really are


  1. This blog was very information and caught my attention because I am writing about the same thing. I like how you used quotes and well approached the other side while still having a good attitude. Although abstinence only education is useful, I believe that comprehensive sex education is still more beneficial.
    -Susan Liechty

  2. i agree with susan it was very imformative and i didnt know a lot of that information. I believe that teachers should also talk about how to use condoms and other ways not just abstinence, because we all know times have changed and so have the kids today. Kids are being more sexually active at younger and younger ages so they need to know effects of what they are doing, but that they also can be safe doing it