Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why dry campuses are the way to go.

In college it is a given that students are going to drink alcohol. In order to combat this issue many colleges are instating a dry campus policy. This policy does not allow any alcohol on the college campus at all, regardless of the student’s age. This policy is a very good idea for many reasons. Some of the major ones are there are less alcohol related deaths, the GPA's of the students are higher, and there is less likely a chance of a student to harm himself or others. On "wet" campuses the alcohol related death rate has been proven to be higher than that of dry campuses. Studies have also shown, if students drink it can cause damage to the brain this making the drinking students GPA up to one half of a letter grade lower. Finally, on "wet" campuses, it is a higher chance for a student to get harmed physically or emotionally due to alcohol related issues. Some of these issues may include rape, assault, battery, or police intervention. To conclude, a dry campus is more beneficial in every aspect when compared to a "wet" campus.


  1. Which student are you? I need to be able to give you credit for the assignment!

  2. Dominic I agree that college campuses should enforce the "dry" policy. This would lessen the amount of trouble that college students already get into. The attendance of students going to class would probably exponetially grow. But by doing so I believe that students would find away to still drink on campus. Although you have a good point by making college campuses across the country a dry campus I think that this policy will be hard to maintain.