Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Journal #8

Vocational programs are just not good for getting out of school, they also are a good learning experience. The people that participate in vocational programs may learn what they want to do for a living or what they don’t want to do. There are all types of programs to interest all sorts of different kinds of people. For those who choose to make a profession out of it, are way ahead of other people who didn’t participate in vocational programs. The programs are taught by an expert in that field of education. Hands- on activities teach the students what and how to do certain things in that program. Most people would rather learn something hands-on, then read in a book and still not know what’s going on. Most of the vocational programs have the students working with very expensive machinery. The programs teach responsibility, respect, awareness and other important aspects. I participated in a vocational program and it made my high school experience more fun and I learnt a skill. There should be more schools that offer vocational programs.

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  1. I agree. I can not find much of an argument here. I wish my school would have offered these programs.