Thursday, April 9, 2009

Against Vocational Programs J-#9

The opposing side to having more schools with vocational programs, argues that the cost and lack of academics is not worth the trouble of having the programs. Some scholars believe that vocational programs are a waste of student time. They think that students should have more academic classes, instead of vocational programs. A large percent of people that participate in vocational programs do drop out of high school or do not attend college. The cost of the programs are a big issue with some people. The price per student ranges between 2,000 dollars to 14,000 dollars, depending on the program and what state the vocational program is located. They argue that the money should be going to more academic classes. Another issue is that some students get to drive to their vocational program. They think that the students will not go to class or they will go off and get in to some kind of trouble, which is true. These are the main arguments against vocational programs, but there is a lot more good aspects than bad.


  1. Way to go getting a head start on this journal!

  2. I would have to agree that the vocational programs are not a good idea. If students want to go to school then they will, and they will try hard enough to pass the regular classes. I dont believe that money should be taken away from academic classes and put toward vocational classes because most of the students in vocational classes dont want to be at school at all. the only reason that they even have to be there is because of the no student left behind bull shit. I think that if a student isnt ready to move on then they shouldnt be forced because it will discourage them more if they are being pushed. the only way that i would be understanding of a vocational school is for those teens who get pregnant during high school. Other than that, i believe that school is a job and should be treated like one. If a professional gets behind he cant go some place else to catch up, he gets fired.