Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey Everybody!

Now that you've made it here, start by posting your arguments. Don't forget to respond to others!


  1. My argument is for school dress codes to better enforced. I believe that there should be more strict rules and that they should be enforced more strictly. The only fight that people have against this issue is that the kids wont be able to be themselves and be unique or creative, but i don't think that it matters. When they get a real job the kids are going to have to follow the dress codes that they are given. School is not a place to show off your body or express how you feel through your clothing. School, just like work, is a place to learn and work at improving ones self. There is a time and a place to wear the clothes that you desire but i do not believe that school is the time or place to do it. When going to school you should dress presentably and professional. When you go out with your friends to a movie or the mall, then is the time to show how unique you are and to be a kid.

  2. Cody, instead of posting your blog as a comment, please post it as a seperate post.