Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sex Education in the classroom

Growing up we are taught that the only safe sex is no sex at all. Of course abstinence is the only way to 100 percent protect ourselves from diseases and child birth, but I believe the rate of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases would greatly decline if health teachers began teaching students other ways to protect themselves. At a young age, probably around sixth grade, I believe students should be taught how to protect themselves other than by just staying abstinent. We live in a fast past world and the number of teen pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases are increasing significantly. I believe that if teachers started educating their students about all the risks that come with having unprotected sex and started being more open about other ways to be safe; such as using condoms or being on birth control, then this widespread problem will decrease.
I also believe that teachers should start being more open and honest about the major risks that come with having unprotected sex. Yes, we all learn what sexually transmitted diseases are, but how much do students really know about each STD? As a student that was only taught to be abstinent during high school, I can truthfully say that I do not believe I am as educated about sexually transmitted diseases as I should be. In order for students to understand just how extreme these diseases are, it is my opinion that teachers stop being so vague about sexually transmitted diseases and start really reaching out to students about this topic.
It is my hope that if teachers begin teaching alternative ways to have safe sex that the rate of STD’s and teen pregnancies will drastically decrease.


  1. I strongly agree with this argument. In middle school all my teachers taught me was that sex is evil and you will catch something if you have sex at all unless your married. By teaching the students about each STD and how to have safe sex i agree that the spread of the diseases and teen pregnancies will decrease.

  2. I agree with teaching other forms of protection as well.
    A problem you might face with this issue is parents. Some parents are very scared of the idea of teaching anything but abstinence.