Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Journal 8

Smaller class sizes have been a controversial issue for many years. By reducing the class sizes in college classrooms the students will be able to achieve and take in more from the professor. It would also be easier on the professors, they would have less to grade, not as many tests to make up, and would be able to make lesson plans to interact with the students more. The institution would also benefit greatly. If the students are happy with their classes and feel they are benefiting students will talk and refer the institution to other people, and they are less likely to drop out or transfer to another school. In my experience in high school and college i have had much larger classes and i feel i didn't benefit in the larger classes. I felt like I was not getting all the information correct i needed, and that the professor did not know how to teach with so many students. When I entered into the smaller classroom the atmosphere was lightened. I was able to interact with the students and the professor more efficiently. Though many argue that many schools do not have the funding to support these smaller class sizes, many low income schools have already found ways to. It is proven that if schools cut down on unnecessary funds they could easily afford this change that is greatly needed. It has been proven many times in many studies that students benefit in smaller class sizes. Class size reduction has been shown to be a flexible tool that helps raise student achievement while reducing the achievement gap between minority and non-minority students.
-Kayla Craig


  1. I have been in many class sizes ranging from fifteen to two hundred my grades in both classes were the same. One question I have is with class sizes so small who will pay for the extra teachers and classrooms that would be needed. Another possible problem I see is each teacher giving more homework or work in general based on the fact of having less to grade. If each of my five teachers did that my grades would start to decline.

  2. I agree that smaller class sizes can be beneficial to a learning environment. I would mostly be concerned with how exactly the school would fund having the extra teachers. Would they have to cut back in other areas?